Sunday, October 24, 2010

Damon Point 10/22/10

Friday: For the first session of the day, Tuna and I left Damon Point and headed out to the Ocean Shores jetty to check out the waves on the unprotected coastline. 10-12 ft swell was firing, and the wind seemed to be decent 10m conditions. We parked a car downwind and went for it, strapless surfboards in hand. As we got 1/3 of the way downwind the wind got lighter. I caught some sweet waves, but ended up getting worked hard from being too underpowered to outrun the closeouts. We walked back upwind, grabbed our cars and headed back to Damon Point for some solid 10m riding and shoulder high waves on the inside shorebreak.

Saturday: Today was a whole lot windier. It started out weird with rain coming and going, but eventually became solid 9m. The swell was picking up, charts were saying ~15ft. Waves were starting to break out in the middle of the Gray's Harbor channel, and the shorebreak at DP was head high + and pounding right on the sand.

I upwinded around the point to avoid the shorebreak, and sessioned the waves breaking out in the middle of the channel...SKETCHY!! Also, I managed to pick off a few decent waves on the inside shorebreak before eating sand for lunch. Later in the day the wind started nuking to solid 6m conditions. I went back out for awhile sporting the 5.5m Kahoona. The flatwater riders were loving the glassy water created by the offshore wind on the other side of the point. The high tide and big waves flooded much of the beach.

Sunday: The winds started out strong and were all day (30-40kts). I used the trusty 5.5m again all day. Today the swell picked up even more...rising to mid twenties by the late afternoon. The waves were sloppy and blown out most places, but the killer spot was the little cove over by where that submerged rock jetty is (hard to explain, but you know where I'm talking about if you've been to DP). The waves curved in and broke across the whole cove. Even better, the waves were kinda glassy because the SW wind made it somewhat offshore there! After picking off tons of waves I crossed over the submerged jetty back toward the parking lot and got a few huge shorepounders just as a rainsquall passed over, then called it quits when I could (somewhat) safely make it back to the beach, which was completely flooded by then.


  1. Looks really nice conditions actually! Keep up the good work with the blog, it's very nice reading for windless days!

    Take care!


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